Think About It:

As a thinker I think a lot about EVERYTHING. I don’t think that I am deeper than others, but I do recognize that I do often think about things differently than others. The ability to think and follow through differently makes us each unique. Take note that I use the word differently. That doesn’t make my process better or worse; just different. Being a thinker does often lead to interesting dialogue. Jump in and show the world how different we are.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

New beginning

So I have been thinking and praying and praying and thinking about this blog for quite some time. Specifically I have been thinking and praying on the direction I would like it to go in as well as its potential. I love what higher education and will always be connected to it, but a part of me always comes back to this blog. Some of my favorite things to do is generate ideas for blogs whether it is for this blog or others. 

Both online and in my day to day life I am incredibly transparent and I know now more than ever before that I have a story to tell and it will help someone.

The theme may grow and change as I grow and change, but this blog to is definitely here to stay.

Forever thankful,